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Powerful and dependable, the U35S2’s diesel engine delivers superior

horse-power and performance. It offers low noise and vibration

levels, exceptional fuel efficiency, and complies with the EPA’s 2008

interim Tier IV emissions regulations.


Zero-Tail Swing virtually eliminates costly damage to the engine hood

and side panels when working in tight situations or near structures.

As the U35S2 rotates, the counterweight area stays inside the width

of the tracks, letting you concentrate on the job in front without worrying

about hitting objects at the back or side. For added safety and

improved operator visibility, the engine hood is set 5 inches inside the

edge of the counter-weight.


The U35S2’s powerful and responsive front working group can handle

all your digging, lifting, and loading jobs. With its increased bucket

capacity and improved reach and digging depth, the U35S2 meets or

exceeds most job requirements on the construction site.




Simple forefinger operation

Used for some special applications that require continuous oil flow, such


as a brush cutter. The on/off button controlled by the forefinger reduces


operator fatigue.

Short stroke operating levers

The operating levers require less effort and shorter movements, ensuring


improved control, responsiveness and comfort, and reduced operator


fatigue. Only a flick of the wrist is needed for smooth excavator



Proportional flow auxiliary switch

A convenient bi-directional switch enables easy operation of hydraulic


thumbs and other hydraulic attachments such as augers and breakers.

2-speed travel switch

The 2-speed travel switch is mounted on the dozer lever for easy operation


and control, and advanced, user-friendly travel speed changes.



Wrist rests

Adjust the custom wrist rests to your favorite position, or just move them


aside. Either way, they help reduce arm movement and operator fatigue


for increased job efficiency.



The U35S2’s spacious, ultra-quiet operating area keeps the operator

refreshed and working at peak efficiency. A high-back suspension

seat and adjustable wrist rests reduce fatigue, while controls and

levers are positioned to provide more deck space and foot room. The

optional cab design minimizes sound and engine vibration levels. A

flick of the T.P.S.S. (Two Pattern Selection System) switch lets the

operator quickly change between ISO and SAE operating patterns

without tools or leaving the seat.